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Main Focus Field Trips

Our Main Focus Field Trips focus on one program topic, covering multiple essential standards throughout the day. The programs are put together by the Allison Woods OLC team to cover the topics you would like discussed that day.

CSI Day Program- Designed for grades 4 and up: Students will become junior CSI agents learning about Fingerprinting, Blood Typing, DNA, and Genes in this fascinating program. 

Tree ID Day Program- Designed for grades 3 and up: Completed in 2 parts.

A: Students will discuss and examine different variations of tree species and their structures. 

B: Students will discuss the aging of trees, why tree ring dating is important, internal tree structures and factors that affect tree growth. Students may examine tree specimens and determine the age of the tree.

Wilderness Science Day Program- Designed for grades 4 and up: Give your students an opportunity to get a closer look at the need for food, water, shelter, fire, and the limits of the human body in wilderness experiences. Students will learn about edible plants, bugs, shelter construction, water purification, poisonous plants, mushrooms identification, fire creation, and more!

To view our 2019 Program Guide, download here

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