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Would you like to have your students get an up-close and personal experience with the natural world? For only $8 per student, you can have them experience a variety of 3 to 4 "mini-field trips" during their day at Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center in Statesville, North Carolina.

It's up to you and your fellow teachers to choose which of our programs best suit your curriculum...whether it is ecosystems, geology, forces and motion, animal adaptations....we have something for everyone! No age limits...we have programs to fit Kindergarten through College.

The great part about it is we are not your normal field trip provider. We don't expect you to conform to our "canned programs", since we want to be an extension of your classroom! Tell us what your targeted needs are and we will work with you to expose your students to those areas while onsite.

Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center (AWOLC) programs feature grade-specific, hands-on/minds on experiences in natural, physical and earth sciences. All of AWOLC programs are designed to further students understanding of the Nature of Science.

Our most POPULAR programs...

OLC Turtle Dogs (as seen on Animal Planet/Dogs 101)  

Lake Portal

Eco Walk

Earth, Rocks & Fossils

Birds of Prey- NOW YEAR ROUND!

Scavenger Hunt

And NEW this year...

CSI Days

HA Ponics

The Life Cycle of Plants

Magic Magnets

Tree ID

Wildlife Detective

NEW 2019 Program!

Wilderness Science!


Download our 2020 Program Guide here


RAIN - In the event of rain, we usually will continue as long as it is just a drizzle. If you prefer, we can continue the field trip at your site using the "Visiting You" Programs.

CANCELLATION POLICY - If you find that you are unable to continue with your requested field trip date to our facility for a reason OTHER THAN INCLEMENT WEATHER, please contact us 72 hours prior to the scheduled date. Our team starts preparing the site for your visit three days prior to arrival. IF you do not cancel your field trip in time for our team to schedule something else in its place, you will be billed for 1/2 of the visit. This will help us cover some of the materials and supplies that may have been preordered for your visit. We do encourage rescheduling IF at all possible or allowing us to come to you!

PAYMENT - All payments are due in full when your group arrives at AW Outdoor Learning Center (or when our staff arrives to deliver a program to your group) unless prior arrangements have been made for invoicing.

SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS - We want to be an extension of your classroom....let us know what you are studying and allow us to design a program to fit your needs...or if you would rather provide a "TEACHER LED PROGRAM" and use our site to teach your own program at our site...please feel free to email our team or give us a call!

SINGLE PROGRAM-FIELD RESEARCH - An option for smaller groups of grades 7 through college,  clubs and organizations that would like a more intensive field research and data collection experience. (water quality, turtle conservation programs in conjunction with Lake Portal/Eco Walk/Turtle Dogs)