School Day Programs School Day Programs Lunch at the Rock Barn. 176729790 'We went to Allison Woods today and saw deer prints, a snake, Canada geese, otters and bamboo. We learned about all of the buildings. There were lots of trees all around us and long paths leading to places like the big pond. Thomas Gaither" 176729792 The lake. 176729793 Tom Allison leads the teachers; Chris Caveny-Cox of Wild Earth listens. 176729794 Keith Parker of Wild Earth demonstrates aquatic skills. 176729795 View from the lake in autumn 176729791 Baby hidden in the leaves. 176729800 November view 176729799 "I went to Allison Woods today; We walked this place all around. In the wind, my hair would sway; Then we listened for animal sounds. We built a tree and measured sheds, Raced the clock as our guide led. Then, when we were finally fed, We came back to the school house And another group left to go to Allison Woods today. Brooke Speaks" 176729805 What's in this tree??? 176729801 "Allison Woods is a wonderful place to go. The view is just awesome. You would love the scenery and be surprised at how much land there really is. Matt Gallina" 176729803 Exotic bamboo trail. Bamboo on the property imported from China and Cuba in the early 1900's. 176729810 Vines growing into trees. 176729802 Teachers entering the Old Mill House. 176729804 East Middle 8th graders measure the watershed. 176729806 Educators walk through the bamboo trail. 176729811 Stalactites 176729812 Tennis Court 176729814 East Middle Staff learn about Allison Woods 176729815 Drawing by Hannah Dowell Back of card reads: "Allison Woods was fun and interesting. I learned a lot. It is a great experience. Wish you were here! Hannah Dowell" 176729817 American Woodcock 176729820 A little fellow found near the water. 176729821 Picnic at the Rock Barn 176729825 Kids at the lake. 176729826 Mr. Allison wanted to be a fireman when he grew up - this building had a fire pole for him to practice. 176729827 First hydroelectric energy in Iredell County generated here. Allison's had lighted pathways through the woods. 176729828 The big wheel. The following note was written by Linda Marshall, East Iredell teacher. "This rustic water wheel was once a power producer for Allison's Woods. The family built a structure to house it, and also a fireman's hole for their son! What intriguing tales you'll learn as we traipse through the acres (not all in one day!) as we discover how history and nature have blended to produce this treasure! Meet you at the gate! Linda" 176729830 176729834 176729836 176729839 186633381 186633382 186633383 186633384 186633385 186633386 186633387