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Fri. 4/3 All day Field Trip
Wed. 4/8 All day Field Trip
Thu. 4/9 All day Field Trip
Thu. 4/16 All day Field Trip
Fri. 4/17 All day Field Trip
Sat. 4/18 10:00 AM Girl Scout- Citizen Scientist 1 & 2
Fri. 4/24
Sun. 4/26
All day NSSA
Thu. 4/30 All day Field Trip
Fri. 5/1 All day Field Trip
Sat. 5/2 All day Girl Scouts- Flowers 1 & 2
Sat. 5/16 All day Enchanted Forest Faire
Fri. 5/22 All day Field Trip
Sat. 5/30 10:00 AM Girl Scouts- Trees
Mon. 6/1
Fri. 6/5
All day Camp AlliWood Wilderness Adventure

Join us for Camp AlliWoods Wilderness Adventure week! Campers will seek to understand what to do should they ever get lost in the woods! What can you eat? How do you purify water? How to make a shelter? These questions and others answered! 

Sat. 6/13 9:00 AM Adult Wilderness Workshop! Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! Want to improve your bushcraft skills? Join us for our Adult Wilderness Workshop! What to pack in your survival kit, Where to set up camp, How to treat wounds, and more are covered during this day long workshop! $10... more
Mon. 6/15
Fri. 6/19
All day Camp AlliWood- Little Explorers

Join us for a week of fun and adventure at Camp AlliWood Little Explorers! Discover plants, animals, birds, bugs, and more through our hands-on wilderness lessons, crafts, and activities! 

Tue. 6/23 10:00 AM Aquatic WILD Workshop Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center invites you to join us for the upcoming Aquatic WILD Workshop presented by North Carolina Wildlife! The workshop will take place June 23rd from 10am-4pm. Water in all its forms is one of the most dramatic o... more
Sat. 6/27 10:00 AM Girl Scouts- Senior Camper
Sat. 7/11 10:00 AM Girl Scout -Ambassador Survival Camper
Mon. 7/13
Fri. 7/17
All day Camp AlliWood- Friends of the WILD

Join us for Camp AlliWood- Friends of the WILD Adventures! Raptors, Macroinvertebrates, Pollinators, Reptiles, and more! Geared towards campers 9-13 years old. $40 per camper. 

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