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Birds of Prey:

Ruby, The Eastern Screech Owl

Ruby has an interesting story. Like many other Raptors, she was hit by a car when looking for food near the road. 

Litter from humans becomes food for mice and other small rodents that raptors eat. Ruby, being hungry, saw the trash near the road as a possible food opportunity. 

As a result of her accident, Ruby lost sight in her left eye, deeming her


Jack, The Barred Owl

Captain Jack is a 2 year old Barred Owl. Like Ruby, Jack was hit by a car as he was hunting for food one night. As a result, Jack's right eye deflated, losing his vision in that eye.

Gracie-Rose, Red Tailed Hawk

Gracie is a 2 year old Red Tailed Hawk. Like our other Birds of Prey, Gracie was hit by a car. She had a wing injury that deemed her unreasonable. 

Bubbles the Box Turtle:

Bubbles, the Eastern Box Turtle is a social turtle that loves basking in the sunshine and eating her favorite food: Worms! 

Turtle Dogs:





The Allison Woods Turtle Dogs are a "one-of-a-kind" nationally recognized, highly sought after program that uses specifically trained dogs to aid in research, field studies, and educational programs concerning turtles. 

The Turtle Dogs have been featured on Animal Planets Dogs 101, PBS, UNC-TV, Field and Family Magazine, and more.