Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center, Inc.

Allison's Woods Drive, Statesville, NC


  Reconnecting Children with Nature

Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center

Reconnecting Children With Nature!


Mon. 6/18 All day Monday FUN DAY

Join us for a day of fun!

Open to children ages 5-8!

June 18th- Nature Fun Day!

Thu. 6/21 All day Field Trip
Fri. 6/22 9:00 AM Friday FUN DAY!

Join us for a day if FUN!

June 22nd- Nature Fun Day! 

Sat. 6/23 5:00 PM Girl Scouts

Home Scientist

To register or for more information, please call 704-873-5976

Thu. 6/28 All day Field Trip
5:00 PM K-9
Fri. 6/29 5:00 PM Field Trip
Mon. 7/2 All day Field Trip
Tue. 7/3 All day Field Trip
Thu. 7/5 All day Field Trip
Fri. 7/6 5:00 PM Field Trip
Mon. 7/9 5:00 PM Field Trip
Tue. 7/10 All day Field Trip
Wed. 7/11 10:30 AM Program @ Harmony Library
Thu. 7/12 All day Field Trip
2:00 PM Program @ Statesville Library
5:00 PM SERT
6:00 PM Aqua-Sprouts 4-H club Meeting
Fri. 7/13 9:30 AM Friday FUN DAY!
Sat. 7/14 5:00 PM Girl Scouts


For more information or to register, please contact 704-873-5976

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